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Providing resources and solutions to escalate your workflow

Welcome to Capital BPM

Escalate your workflow productivity and maintain an edge over competition

ACE Capital BPM is a Camunda expert consulting firm that provides guidance to escalate workflow productivity. As a strategic Certified Camunda Partner, we stick to our name. ACE stands for Align, Construct, Execute, which is the exact strategy we follow on a daily basis. Our purpose is to equip leaders and teams with quality skills, methods, and tools to respond to fluctuating business landscapes. At ACE Capital BPM, we make sure that your business maintains an edge above competition.


Staff Augmentation

Offering assist to companies with Camunda-based projects by embedding Camunda developers or architects to your team.

Staff Enablement & Training

Four progressively nuanced courses, tailored to the needs of our customers who want to adopt Camunda.

Camunda On-Demand Assistance (CODA)

Rent our Certified Camunda experts On Demand – on the ready, 24/7, exactly when you need it.

Evaluate Camunda

Begin evaluating Camunda with our team and start fulfilling your process workflow orchestration needs.


Sentinel - Automated BPM Testing

Automated, AI guided BPM process testing, integrated with your CICD. Take the next step in development and simplify your pipeline.

Genesis - Camunda DevOps

Empowering teams by installing prefab environments in minutes, including custom security providers, offering SSO via KeyClock and ABAC using OPA.

Exodus - BPM Process Migration

Automated Migration of your legacy processes from IBM, PEGA, and Appian. We guarantee our work until you’re 100% satisfied.

Parable - Real-Time Collaboration and Documentation

Plan your processes, empower collaboration, and execute requirements in real-time with executable workflows, rules, mind maps, sequence diagrams, and data models.

What We Do

Providing industry-leading expertise and guidance on cloud migration

Our team of experts assist with development, scoping, quick starts, training, Camunda DevOps via Terraform, guided AI Camunda Testing, and application support. We’re here to increase your productivity and reduce costs.

Selected Case Studies

Migration to Open Source BPM 18 months $2.87M

Used to track the competition of Priority Tax Management filing required by different regulatory agencies.

The tasks are created and then claimed by a user to complete the planning and preparation tasks.

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Migration to Open Source BPM 6 months $1.2M

Special Process Automation is used to view the information of our distribution partners.

If the data appears to be incorrect, then a request can be submitted to re-pull the source system data.

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Migration to Open Source BPM 6 months $1.8M

Used to track tasks for tracking funds unclaimed and ready to be transferred over the state as part the Electronic Survey Administration Process.

The request can be ad-hoc or part of the annual prcoess.

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