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Camunda Staff Enablement

Four progressively nuanced courses
tailored to the needs of your team

Unlock your team's potential to
develop, run and monitor business processes effectively.

Staff Training for your team

Four progressively nuanced courses, tailored to the needs of our customers. These courses are designed for clients who want to adopt Camunda and develop in-house expertise in it.

We train the client’s team in the practical aspects of Camunda and provide a forward enablement plan that leaves the customer with informed and realistic internal teams – that can effectively utilize Camunda expertise. This engagement is delivered as a series of four courses, scheduled at the customer’s discretion, and customized to the customer’s specific technical needs. It will help you create and nurture an evolving technical knowledge base.

The course is designed to gradually grow more challenging, so your organization is ready to absorb more technical information. By the end of these courses, your team will be able to use Camunda to its full potential and be able to develop, run, and monitor business processes effectively.

TRAININGTechnical DevelopmentProgrammingScriptingExternal LanguagesJavaDevOpsOptimizationAdministrationModelingManagementArchitectureSecurityIntegrationBPMNDMN

Who is it for?

Crunch-escape plan for teams too busy to build infrastructure

The need to refresh or train staff after a project deployment is well-known. However, not all companies have the time and resources available for this process – which leaves them at risk of leaving behind employees who are ill-prepared to work with Camunda.

We provide both basic training as well as more advanced enablement throughout our engagements so that your team can be properly prepared before going into production.

Learn in-demand skills to increase your value on the job market

Get ahead of the competition by learning a cutting-edge workflow management tool

Take advantage of our expert instructors who will help you every step of the way

Gain practical experience using Camunda in a real-world setting

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Brief overview of our training process

Staff Enablement for your team

Each topic will be covered to a ‘working depth’. That means that trainee will be able to independently build and execute a lab based on the topic after each session.

As the labs are just atomic/mini labs, will there
be other opportunities for learners to immediately practice the topics
throughout class?

Training is very hands-on. The labs are atomic, but the complexity is non trivial. We’re just making them atomic so that a person who misses a session isn’t lost for the rest of the class. Some of our customers like to take an extra session to build a working, unified project.

It’s a unified price, as there’s a lot of setup, preparation, etc.

Selected Case Study


Digital Platform Integration Management


Equipped an average of 200 developers per year with Camunda expertise, including both bpmn and technical training

20,000/year savings

This decreased dependency of vendors and saving an average of $20,000 per resource per year