Migrate IBM, Pega, Appian, or Other Engines to Camunda

Exodus Introduction

Leave your Legacy BPM Without the Hassle

Our target demographic has often bought one (or more) highly complicated and expensive BPM or Rules solutions, with which they invariably grow increasingly frustrated. As these solutions are not flexible, by design. Capital BPM addresses this pain with Exodus.

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Solution for Teams Migrating Multiple Legacy Systems

Exodus exists for teams that are facing the challenges of migrating multiple legacy systems to open-source alternatives. With Exodus, your migration experience will be seamless.

If you’re looking to be in production sooner than later, and minimizing the cost of migrating your system, Exodus is for you. Want to move to Camunda? Let us help you.

Automatically migrate rulesets for a smooth transition

Keep your business running without interruption

Choose from a variety of open-source alternatives

100% Guaranteed Results

Migrate to Camunda

Exodus is our proprietary application allowing us to migrate these assets to open-source alternatives in a fraction of the time such migrations normally take.

This an automated, guaranteed way to migrate your business process, integrations, UI, business rules, and services from your legacy BPM to something better.

Want to move to Camunda? We can do it, and we 100% guaranteed the work.

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Selected Case Study


Healthcare Client Migrates to Camunda


Client had to adhere to numerous criteria and regulations due to their care of seriously ill patients.


Client leveraged Capital BPM’s Exodus tool to extract audio data and translate it into corresponding DMN using Camunda.


Read more to learn more about the final result.


Exodus - Moving Business Process Assets
Frequently Asked Questions

We do it all: Intelligent, deep migration from IBM, Pega, and Appian to Camunda.

Lack of security, faithful UI rendering, faithful integration migration, and meaningful testing.

Exodus has deeply embedded knowledge of both source and client systems, and can automatically test the delta between the old and the new systems, in order to identify any gaps.

It’s an immediate, SaaS offering.