Adopting Open-Source Evaluating Camunda

Transform your Workflow

Build with the tools you already use.

Migrate your workflow to Camunda

As a Camunda Partner, we recommend transforming your workflow to an open-source platform like Camunda.

Camunda’s platform is powered by a cloud-native workflow engine, making it possible for businesses to transform into an era where processes span people systems and devices.

Why migrate to Camunda?

Camunda features

Orchestrate across every endpoint

Hook Camunda into any process endpoint your organization needs to automate.

Bring IT and the business together

BPMN & DMN standards bring teams together to speak the same language and collaborate effectively.

Unparalleled speed, scale and resilience

Scale throughput to process an unlimited amount of transaction at consistent low latencies.

Open Architecture

Easily integrate with most common technical architectures and frameworks

Built by developers, for developers

Open APIs to integrate with just about anything and a vibrant community of 100,000+ developers.

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Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solutions Architect, Public Sector, Intel, and Max Young, CEO of Capital BPM, discuss operationalizing business process management with a modeling program.

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Selected Case Study


Priority Tax Management


The tasks are created and then claimed by a user to complete the planning and preparation tasks. Users can submit the task for review.

Time Savings

18 months

Dollar Savings

$ 2,870,000 Annual Savings per year including the first year