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Tutorials, plugins, connectors, and much more from our team of Camunda experts.

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We love sharing our contributions with the Camunda Community. But why just share with you when we can show it to you?


Click below to watch all our plugins, specifically created for Camunda by our team! OR watch the example we’ve provided here on our Data plugin.

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Camunda User Group

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We are hosts of Camunda Chapter: NY! While based in New York, we invite all US-based Camunda users (or those even just interested in Camunda) to join us!


We’ll host virtual discussions centered around best practices with Camunda, talk about any future exciting updates, and so much more! Don’t miss out – join us by heading to the link below!


Staff Augmentation

Offering assist to companies with Camunda-based projects by embedding Camunda developers or architects to your team.

Staff Enablement & Training

Four progressively nuanced courses, tailored to the needs of our customers who want to adopt Camunda.

Camunda On-Demand Assistance (CODA)

Rent our Certified Camunda experts On Demand – on the ready, 24/7, exactly when you need it.

Evaluate Camunda

Begin evaluating Camunda with our team and start fulfilling your process workflow orchestration needs.


Sentinel - Automated BPM Testing

Automated, AI guided BPM process testing, integrated with your CICD. Take the next step in development and simplify your pipeline.

Genesis - Camunda DevOps

Empowering teams by installing prefab environments in minutes, including custom security providers, offering SSO via KeyClock and ABAC using OPA.

Exodus - BPM Process Migration

Automated Migration of your legacy processes from IBM, PEGA, and Appian. We guarantee our work until you’re 100% satisfied.

Parable - Real-Time Collaboration and Documentation

Plan your processes, empower collaboration, and execute requirements in real-time with executable workflows, rules, mind maps, sequence diagrams, and data models.