Using Camunda and our WYSIWYG
No Code Editor to Master Your Workflows

Genesis Environment

SaaS Low Code WYSIWYG Integration for Camunda

Genesis revolutionizes the way analysts, enterprise architects, and business experts collaborate and align their efforts. With its powerful low-code form building capabilities and user-friendly interface, Genesis becomes the go-to centralized platform for building intuitive forms and facilitating real-time collaboration.

By providing a unified vision and cohesive approach, Genesis empowers these professionals to effortlessly harness their expertise, leading to successful outcomes and impactful decision-making.

Who is it For?

Crunch-escape Plan for Teams Too Busy to Build Infrastructure

We enable to deliver your projects in a franction of the time using meticulous and comprehensive approach. Go beyond the workflow to build crucial elements like UI design, integrations, and data models. Welcome to Genesis, the ultimate low-code platform that revolutionizes project planning and development.


With Genesis, you can effortlessly build UIs, workflows, integrations, rules, and more, all in one place. No more juggling between different tools or dealing with complex coding. Our platform empowers you to visualize sequence diagrams, seamlessly integrate systems, create intuitive user interfaces, and define data models – all through a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface.

What We Do

Providing Industry-leading Expertise and Guidance on Camunda

Genesis enables you to create a comprehensive blueprint for your project, ensuring every intricate detail is accounted for. By embracing this holistic approach, you gain invaluable insights, reduce risks, and foster collaboration among teams. You’ve planned your process. Let Genesis help you deliver it.

Selected Case Study


How a Retailer Leveraged Camunda


Client recognized the need for an efficient microservice orchestration solution.


Client leveraged Capital BPM’s Genesis solution along with Camunda for process automation needs.


Read more to learn more about the final result.


Genesis - Camunda Environment
Frequently Asked Questions

Rapidly Building entire applications.

Development efforts that use Camunda as part of a larger initiative.

Its focus is on Greenfield development.

It’s an immediate, SaaS offering.