Financial Services

Process Automation Framework

The Heroes

Technical Experts, Developers, and Decision Makers at Client Team


Replace Complex and Costly Existing Systems

Client had an in-house system that developed to meet needs of their internal business customers. Client recognized need to replace system with a more efficient solution.


When Client transitioned to Camunda, Client had idea of incorporating the functionalities of old system into new one, even though Camunda already covered the required functionalities. This led to an “echo” situation and a discrepancy in the source of authority for the state of things.


Despite these challenges, Client was determined to proceed without heeding external advice.


Custom UI, Permissioning, and Security

Built custom UI framework which provided an intuitive and user-friendly interface for Client’s users, streamlining interactions with new system.

To address the need for fine-grained permission control, implemented a custom permissioning system using OPA. Allowed client to go one level deeper and manage permissions based on attributes, providing a highly granular access control mechanism.

Recognizing the importance of security, CapBPM implemented robust security protocols to ensure that system remained impervious to hacking attempts. Adhering to strict guidelines, CapBPM fortified system’s defenses to safeguard sensitive data and operations.


Improved User Experience, Security, and Data Protection

Despite initial challenges stemming from an attempt to merge old system with Camunda, CapBPM team’s expertise and solutions prevailed.

CapBPM provided Client with a custom UI Framework that improved user experience and interaction.

Advanced permissions system allowed for precise access control, enhancing security and data protection.

Implementing stringent security measures, CapBPM ensured system’s resilience against potential threats, meeting strict compliance standards.