Who we work with

We've worked with clients from different industries and positions in their respective niches.

We have a 100% success rate, and our clients range from Fortune 1 companies to startups and critical systems. What our clients have in common is a shared history of success when working with us, and willingness to act as reference. We’d love to invite you to talk to people who know us best: other customers.

Our Clients

“My company was transitioning to Camunda from a legacy BPM monolithic platform. CapBPM came in and transitioned our legacy platform to Camunda on time and on budget.

The effort had two big benefits. First, we reduced OpEx expenses for the platform. Second, we reduced our outage time and our mean time to recovery.”

Senior Director and Principal Architect


Selected Case Studies

Migration to Open Source BPM 18 months $2.87M

Used to track the competition of Priority Tax Management filing required by different regulatory agencies.

The tasks are created and then claimed by a user to complete the planning and preparation tasks.

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Migration to Open Source BPM 6 months $1.2M

Special Process Automation is used to view the information of our distribution partners.

If the data appears to be incorrect, then a request can be submitted to re-pull the source system data.

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Migration to Open Source BPM 6 months $1.8M

Used to track tasks for tracking funds unclaimed and ready to be transferred over the state as part the Electronic Survey Administration Process.

The request can be ad-hoc or part of the annual prcoess.

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  • Deep, technical overview of Linting rules for Camunda
  • General advice on how to approach process testing
  • Demonstration of automated Camunda Testing