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Director of Engineering at Major Retail Client


Managing Myriad Tasks for Regulatory Compliance

With a global network of stores, Client encountered the complex challenge of managing myriad tasks related to regulatory compliance.


Each location juggles diverse responsibilities such as data management, adhering to local and state regulations, maintaining electrical licenses, managing tax payments, and ensuring proper waste disposal, with tasks totaling around a thousand per store. 


Streamlining and automating these compliance processes efficiently to ensure timely task execution, reporting, and escalations presents a significant challenge.



Implementation of Two Key Systems

CapBPM implemented two key systems.

Camunda Workflow Automation
Using Camunda, CapBPM automated regulatory compliance processes, enabling task management, reporting, and escalations. The new and improved flexibility of the system allowed real-time rule adjustments, accommodating changing regulations without manual intervention.

Camunda Expert System for Emergency Escalations
CapBPM team created an expert system to monitor store emergencies, differentiating between urgent and non-urgent issues. It monitored physical infrastructure, made decisions, and initiated escalations, optimizing actions based on predefined criteria and saving costs.


Transformative Impact on the Business

Implementation of these systems had a transformative impact on the client’s operations. With workflow automation, greater efficiency in regulatory compliance was achieved, ensuring timely completion of tasks without manual oversight. Flexibility to adapt to changing regulations in real-time was a significant advantage. 


Expert system for emergency escalations streamlined decision-making processes, helping save costs by making informed judgements on when to take immediate action and when to opt for more cost-effective solutions. System improved communication between key managers and on-site staff, providing clear task lists and facilitating a smooth resolution of issues.