Capital BPM Elevates Partnership to Platinum with Camunda, Aiming to Continue Mutual Growth and Enhanced Service Delivery

[GREENVILLE, APR. 15, 2024] – Capital BPM, a leading provider of Camunda solutions, is thrilled to announce its upgraded status to a Certified Platinum Partner with Camunda, an industry leader in process orchestration software. This elevated partnership status is a testament to the strong collaborative efforts and shared vision of both organizations in driving digital transformation and operational excellence across various industries.

Over the years, Capital BPM has successfully leveraged Camunda’s cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative and efficient process and orchestration automation solutions to its clients. The upgrade to a Platinum partner reflects the depth of expertise Capital BPM has developed in Camunda’s platform and its commitment to delivering the highest standards of service possible.

“We are incredibly proud to have reached this milestone with Camunda. This upgrade to Platinum partnership is not just a recognition of our technical proficiency and successful project implementations; it’s a clear indication of our mutual dedication to excellence and innovation,” said Max Young, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Capital BPM. “We are excited about the enhanced opportunities this partnership will bring to our clients, helping them achieve even greater efficiency and competitive advantage in their respective markets.”

As a new Platinum partner, Capital BPM is exhilarated to build upon the significant progress that has paved the way to this esteemed level of partnership with Camunda. It is this enhanced synergy with Camunda that empowers us to remain at the forefront of process automation technology solutions. We are eager to channel this momentum into delivering even more sophisticated and value-driven solutions to our clients.

A recent report highlights that 96% of leaders recognize automation’s key role in digital transformation, yet its progress is slowed by complexity. To help enterprises fully realize their automation capabilities, Camunda provides software for process orchestration to orchestrate all the people, systems, and devices involved in executing a process from end-to-end,” said Christiana Christenson, VP Global Partners, Camunda. “The global Camunda Connect Partner Program provides extensive training and support, preparing partners to navigate automation challenges. We congratulate Capital BPM on their upgraded status to Certified Platinum Partner.”

Looking ahead, Capital BPM is committed to continuing its investment in the partnership with Camunda, focusing on innovation, skill development, and market expansion. The goal is to not only grow Capital BPM’s business but also to contribute significantly to the growth and success of Camunda’s ecosystem.

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About Capital BPM

Capital BPM is the leading provider of Camunda-based process management consulting, training and implementation services. We are a team of experienced certified experts, accomplished Camunda leaders, with a shared passion for helping organizations achieve their business goals. 

About Camunda

Camunda enables organizations to orchestrate processes across people, systems, and devices to continuously overcome complexity and increase efficiency. A common visual language enables seamless collaboration between business and IT teams to design, automate, and improve end-to-end processes with the required speed, scale, and resilience to remain competitive. Hundreds of enterprises such as Atlassian, ING, and Vodafone orchestrate business-critical processes with Camunda to accelerate digital transformation. To learn more visit

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