Warehousing and Distribution

Warehousing Client Improving Business

The Heroes

Client's Team and Decision Makers


Process Automation and Robot Coordination

Client had two different challenges presented to the CapBPM team.


Automation: Client operates large storage warehouses. Client needs to automate warehousing operations efficiently to improve productivity and minimize errors.


Robot Coordination: Client uses robots for various tasks. Need to orchestrate these robots effectively. Includes extracting totes from rigs, placing on conveyors, and controlling movements.



Camunda to the Rescue

Utilize Camunda for orchestration.

Employ BPMN for robot coordination and integrate expert system for precise robot control.

CapBPM provides support and training to enhance command expertise.


A More Smooth, Efficient Operation

Enthusiasm displayed by Client. Genuinely thrilled about substantial progress achieved in such a short time.


From a system that could not run effectively just a short while ago, Client transitioned to a much smoother and more efficient operation. Client made great strides in terms of command expertise.


Through support and training provided by CapBPM, Client has become more proficient in managing complex system.