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Client's Technology Leaders


Need for Intricate System, Knowledgeable Camunda Experts

Client facing a multifaceted challenge in building out entire intricate system involving various components & functionalities, which can be challenging to structure effectively.

Client does not possess in-depth knowledge of best practices in system development. Client might not always be certain about best approaches which can lead to errors and inefficiencies.

Client needs guidance and advisory services in utilizing Camunda to its full potential.



Capital BPM's CODA Service

Client is utilizing Camunda and CapBPM CODA service. With the support of CapBPM, Client is guided on how to structure system effectively.

CapBPM acts as mentors, providing guidance and sharing best practices as Client builds system. Teaches problem-solving skills and ensures Client is well-equipped to handle routine development tasks. For challenging issues, CapBPM intervenes to resolve problems efficiently, ensuring project stays on task.



Improved Knowledge, Development of Intricate System

Client has significantly improved knowledge of system development best practices, ensuring informed decisions on project.

With guidance and mentoring, Client can effectively develop complex system using Camunda & CODA offering.