Record Information Management

Migration to Open Source BPM


Large Data Processing

A yearly process to review the stored documentation eligible to be destroyed. The system determines the documentation is suitable for destruction and contacts the owner to provide status. The owner decided whether the documents can be eliminated.

They can also request the documents are sent for review before deciding to destroy them.


Opportunity - Cost Reduction

Reduce costs by utilizing an Open Source BPM engine, and increase customer satisfaction by using modern UI framework that can microfocus on custom user needs.


Automated BPM, Rules, Integration and UI Migration


Working directly with the customer to incorporate a custom security layer

Fixed Cost

Designed a fixed cost approach within an agreed upon timeline

Product used


Genesis is a dehydrated, production ready Camunda environment. It's a collection of expertise, auxiliary delegates and listeners.


Cost reduction & Accelerated migration time

A process designed to maintain a 360 view of the distribution partners’ information that can be leveraged to service and support our distribution partners.

Developed to bring together the details from multiple producer information systems into groups. Added support from document management and batch-based processing.

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