Healthcare Client Migrates to Camunda

The Heroes

Principal Architect/Director at Healthcare Client


Replace Complex and Costly Existing Systems

Client had to adhere to numerous criteria and regulations due to their care of seriously ill patients.

Client utilized an elaborate system primarily based on Operational Decision Management (ODM) for rule evaluations, covering aspects like cleaning requirements and authorization processes.

Over time, existing system became increasingly complex and costly to maintain.



Leveraging CapBPM's Exodus to Move to Camunda

Client leveraged Capital BPM’s Exodus tool to extract audio data and translate it into corresponding DMN using Camunda.

Client replaced Java code with BPMN models, managed within Camunda, enabling kinetic actions based on decisions and reducing extensive coding and external programming.



Goals Achieved, Workflow Improved, and Costs Reduced

Optimization efforts resulted in licensing costs reduced.

System became more efficient, cost-effective, and easier to manage.

Automation goals were achieved, improving the overall workflow and adherence to regulations.