Camunda, String Theory, and the Theory of Process

Science teaches us that if you magnify matter deeply enough, zoom into the object and past the molecules, past the atom, past the electron and neurons and photons and electrons, and even the quarks, and you zoom in even further, you find like strings of energy. This is String Theory.

These strings hum. They vibrate. And the frequency of that vibration determines if you have an electron, or a neutron, or a quark, or whatever else. So your body, for example, is a symphony of billons of these humming strings, uniquely creating you.

I believe processes are those little strings of energy for the enterprise. Whether written, documented, automated, or just tribal knowledge, those processes, great and small, are the ties that bind a company together.

Processes define how the company operates, and its character. The quality of those processes is what ultimately predicts the success or failure of that enterprise.

And this is where I think an engine like Camunda shines its unique capacity.

Camunda is lightweight enough to help you model and automate the smallest processes within your organization, and scalable enough to support the most complex, overwhelming, overarching workflows that the enterprise needs.

Camunda’s unique focus on performance, scalability, and clarity can be the gift that keeps on giving, wherever we find a critical process, large or small, that needs to be formalized, automated, or, monitored.

So, do yourself a favor. Reach out to us, or to the folks at Camunda, and start getting informed about what Camunda can do to help you aligned with the larger harmony of your organization.