How a Retailer Leveraged Camunda

The Heroes

Seasoned Enterprise Architect at Client with Decades of Architectural Expertise


Need for Efficient Microservice Orchestration Solution

Client recognized the need for an efficient microservice orchestration solution.


Previously, there was a significant investment in a custom solution from another vendor. Within the organization, there was a degree of skepticism due to previous disappointments with those various vendors.


It was crucial to confirm the functionality of the new solution prior to its widespread adoption.




Camunda and Capital BPM's Genesis

Client leveraged Capital BPM’s Genesis solution along with Camunda for process automation needs.


Capital BPM brought in Camunda to explore potential solutions. Impressed by solution presented by Camunda, client decided to terminate multimillion-dollar contract with previous vendor.


Camunda took on the responsibility for managing 750 million transactions. Client is utilizing advanced scan capabilities to understand the dynamics between purchased items, coupons, and promotions, thereby gradually building confidence in the technology.



Building a Robust and Responsive Business Solution

The final solution has proven to be more responsive and powerful than initially planned by the client.

The Camunda solution has the potential to process a significant fraction of a trillion transactions per year across all stores of the client.

The client is enthusiastic about this solution and is in the process of building an entire program around it.