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Camunda Evaluation
2 Services
Camunda Enterprise Looking to adopt open-source? The Camunda platform allows users to design, automate, and monitor critical business processes.
Camunda On-Demand Support Capital BPM is a team of Certified Camunda Experts, ready to provide 24/7 on-demand support for your Camunda implementation.
Product Demos
3 Services
Exodus - Migration Migrate IBM, Pega, Appian, or others to Camunda
Genesis - Low-Code Integration Genesis is a SaaS low code, WYSIWYG integration tool for Camunda.
Sentinel - Process Testing Sentinel provides comprehensive test coverage during the development cycle by aligning QA to the BPM delivery cycle.
Services Request
2 Services
Staff Augmentation Our architects are ready to assist and provide full-time or part-time expertise at your command. They’ll help you with prioritizing factors when making decisions for your Camunda project, and provide your team with a wealth of Camunda knowledge.
Staff Training We train your team in the practical aspects of Camunda and provide a forward enablement plan that leaves you with informed, realistic internal teams that can effectively utilize Camunda expertise.
1 Services
I'm Not Sure Not sure what solution would work best in your case? Feel free to schedule a meeting with our expert, who'll guide you and help you choose the right approach.