Camunda Expertise

Adopting Open-Source - Camunda Partner

Camunda is a core practice for us, and as Partners, we believe it is the best open-source BPM platform on the market. Capital BPM is the most committed, trustworthy Camunda Partner on the globe.


Staff Augumentation

Our staff augmentation offering assists companies with Camunda-based projects by embedding Camunda developers or architects to your team. Our experts are located both onshore and offshore.

Staff Enablement

Four progressively nuanced courses, tailored to the needs of our customers. These courses are designed for clients who want to adopt Camunda and develop in-house expertise in it.

On-Demand Assistance


Capital BPM is a leading partner provider of Camunda-based process management. From staff training to implementation tools and services, our Certified Camunda Experts are here to help. Schedule a demo with a certified Camunda Expert.