Top 5 Things To Know about the Camunda Rules Engine

A business Rules Engine is a software system that executes business rules in a runtime production environment. The rules might come from legal regulation, company policy, or other sources. A business rule system enables these company policies and other operational decisions to be defined, tested, executed and maintained separately from the application code. The Camunda […]

The Rules are Changing: Five Things to Know about your Camunda Production Environment

Abstract Setting up a Camunda production environment can be a very different experience from traditional BPM applications. In this paper, we’ll discuss why and how you can avoid common pitfalls, optimize your environments for your applications, control resource constraints, and why controlled breakage is a great thing. Background The single environment approach is pervasive in […]

Top five things you need to know about Archiving with Camunda

Top five things you need to know about Archiving with Camunda The ability to archive a Camunda application allows for the definition of multiple deployments (process archives). This ability helps make sure that all needed deployments are performed upon deployment of your application. In this Podcast episode, Stuart and Max explore the 5 things that […]

Top five things you need to know about Camunda Process History

The Camunda Process Engine maintains the state of running process instances inside a database. This includes saving the state of a process instance to the database as it reaches a wait state and reading the state as process execution continues. This database is called the runtime database. In addition to maintaining the runtime state, the […]

What you need to know when sizing your Camunda Environment

In order to successfully operate Camunda, you need to take into account operation requirements when modeling business processes. You will want to use your existing tools and infrastructure for technical monitoring and alarming. This includes understand influencing aspects of performance and apply tuning strategies appropriately. As you size your environment for Camunda appropriately this will […]